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Art Creations at Your Home

When you introduce contemporary art at your home, you create an intimate and unique space that nobody can copy, because you are surrounded by unique works. You feel well at home surrounded by art and crafts.

One of the best ways to establish the personality of a room is by decorating the walls with art. Ideally is if you buy the originals art works. The originality of the piece evokes more of a sense of wealth and personality into your living space.

Finding original art by local young artists is not expensive, and you can supplement it by getting creative yourself. Your interior is an expression of your self. It should be personal, filled with quality objects and artworks that you absolutely love.

The emergence of online stores has managed to democratize the purchase of works of all kinds, paintings, photographs, watercolors, lithographs … These digital galleries have as a common point to offer an alternative to physical art galleries and open art to the general public

I you have not time to visit the art galleries, you can buy an original art work on line, exemple: https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/7940

You can also buy the others products created by artists.



Another way to make an unique space is to make the original wall painting or three dimensional object specialy for your home by an artists or craftsman.

For any decor ideas that you would like to realize you can call me at 0033 679809916 or send a message at: apac01(at)wanadoo.fr

Here is an adres where you can order an artistic portret of your lovely pet: https://www.fiverr.com/elisabethwela/draw-or-paint-an-art-portrait-of-your-pet#!

You Can also order a crazy photo. Artist will realize every kind of photo manipulation for you: https://www.fiverr.com/elisabethwela/manipulate-your-photo-in-unexpected-ways

l1_dobre copy.jpg

There are many ways to surround yourself with objects and unique arts and to feel good at home.


My decoration at second Rachel Benaich’s Hairdressing Salon, Paris

Rachel Benaich asqued me to make a decorations in her second Hardressing Salon. The style is quite different from the first salon. It is much more contemporary. Here even furniture was made to measure and paint inside.

Here are some photos:

Grey bathroom, false aging.

I have made a decoration in the wonderful house in center of Paris.

My customer has asked me to paint the walls and furniture of his bathroom on grey color. After painting I have put a patina : false aging. Very long and meticulous work that requires a lot patience. Every little detail counts here.

Here you have some photos:






I show you some decorations than I have made for a prestigious property in France: Château de Bouffémont.

Here I show you the decoration of Lounge.


I have painted the walls, doors. Several layers of paint and patina effects, false aging. And  some decorations tips.

The Dandy Longue before and after works:

The Dandy Longue before, during the work and after:


MY DECORATIONS AT CHÂTEAU DE BOUFFÉMONT – silk papers, embossing ornaments,…

I show you some photographies of my work: the interior decorations, than I’ve made for a prestigious property in France: Château de Bouffémont.


Here are some photos of: laying silk wallpapers, paintings, gilding of ornaments, tips for buying a fireplace, decoration tips.

Green living room, during the work and after:

Grey living room, during the work and after:

Red dining room, during the work and after: